El lujo discreto "Low-key Rich Bitch" al estilo de Gwyneth Paltrow

The discreet luxury in Gwyneth Paltrow -style

This season, fashion has surprised us with new trends, such as "dopamine dressing" or maximalism in search of serotonin, but the construction of a wardrobe has also been imposed, relegating to the background to fashions Ephemeral. On the catwalks, the "Stealth Wealth" (discreet wealth) has reigned as absolutely as in the times of Phoebe Philo, who, by the way, will return to fashion this fall.

Although autumn-winter garments 2023 views in the catwalks are not yet available in stores, you can already appreciate this aesthetics in a minimalism defender like Gwyneth Paltrow, while it is located in the center of a trial that, weighs To be a ski collision, it is the most discreet possible. The testimony in the room has turned out to be a surprising banality, including details such as Paltrow measures just under 1.78 meters high and that Taylor Swift is not a close friend, but without a doubt the most prominent has been her style. /p>

Memes and Mood Boards lovers must be giving thanks for the television of the trial, because Paltrow is giving a masterful lesson of what Max Berling has called "Low-Key Rich Bitch", which could be translated as "Rich Discrete Pija". A perfectly folded high white neck sweater and a Smythson notebook? Impeccable blond waves that seem wave? Striking jewels, a bone broth color bag and a tight gray blazer with the corresponding green juice? You can't be more "rich discreet pija." Paltrow has even made a nod to its color of power, the green, with an olive coat that immediately evokes Great Expressions in anyone who follows the fashion of the 90s on Instagram.

In Tascón we have compiled the credits of their sets, which include discreet luxury brands such as Audley, Chie Mihara, UGG, Hunter or Blundstone. But this look is less about the brand and more of the style of the Waspy discretion, a territory that Paltrow has been cultivating for decades. She carries it in her DNA (she has even affirmed that her ski clothes are one that she has had for years, and that she dresses to go unnoticed on the tracks). Since the pandemic began, skiing and white fashion in tennis have become popular, and the aesthetic of "old money" feels like an antidote to the world of Tiktok, in which everything is about "look at me" And the continuous fascination of fashion by women like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Princess Diana, as well as the discreet looks of "discreet wealth" that appear in Succession, has barely begun to burn. In a diluted era, there is a fascination with the idea of ​​an inn style.

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