Zapatos con estilo para hombre: Tipos y cómo combinar tus zapatos con tu atuendo para cada ocasión

Shoes with men style: types and how to combine your shoes with your outfit for each occasion

From the ancient Egyptians creating sandals out of materials like straw and leather, to the wide variety of shoes that grace store shelves today, shoes have been an integral part of fashion and foot protection. Each type of shoe has its own style, function and personality, and choosing the right one for each occasion is key to complementing your outfit and looking spectacular. From dressy dress shoes to comfortable sporty sneakers, there's a shoe for every situation and personality. Let's explore the different types of shoe and find out which one suits you best!
  1. Oxford Shoes: These are elegant, formal shoes with a closed construction and a round toe. They are used in formal situations, such as weddings, job interviews, and business meetings.
  2. Derby Shoes: These are formal shoes with a closed construction and a round toe. The difference with the Oxford is that the Derby has a visible seam on the upper part of the shoe. They are suitable for formal occasions.
  3. Loafers: These are slip-on shoes with a flat, soft construction. They are casual and suitable for casual occasions such as shopping or hanging out with friends.
  4. Boots: they are high shoes that cover the leg and are used to protect the feet in inclement situations or for a more casual style. Dress boots are suitable for casual occasions, while work boots are more resistant and suitable for physical activities.
  5. Ankle boots: These are high-top shoes that cover the ankle and have a solid sole. They are worn in casual and formal situations, and can be an alternative to boots. Ankle boots with a more formal aesthetic can be worn with formal pants, while ankle boots with a more casual style can be worn with jeans and sportswear.
  6. Shoes or Sneakers: they are flat and comfortable shoes with a flexible rubber sole. They are used for sports activities or for a casual look.
  7. Sandals - these are open shoes with a flat sole that are worn in warm situations and for a casual style.

Remember, it is always important to consider the occasion and the style of your outfit when choosing your shoes. Maintaining a balance between comfort and elegance is key to having a flawless appearance.

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