Tascón Gracia

Calle Gran de Gracia 72, 08012 Barcelona
Telephone: +34934596650

Few districts in Barcelona are surrounded by as much symbolism as Gràcia and few shops with as much architectural charm as this point of sale. Of course! This is also where you will find the most diversity of products, as diverse as this charming district of Barcelona, ​​in a large space. Cristina and Margarita will advise you with an unmatched devotion to satisfy your needs. We will wait for you!


Diagonal Tassel

Avinguda Diagonal 462, 08006 Barcelona
Telephone: +34930096718

Our first store on 462 Diagonal Avenue opened its doors in 1959. Here you will find the most exclusive products offered by Tascón for both women and men but also for all types of occasions. Monica and Sasha will be happy to assist you!


Tascón Rambla

Rambla de Catalunya 42, 08007 Barcelona
Telephone: +34934874447

Small is beautiful! Although in all Tascón stores we base our proposal on selecting the best products on the market, it is our store on Rambla de Catalunya 42 that best represents our proposal since 1982. In this charming space you will find our most outstanding products without distractions. If it is here it is because it is our favorite product! Cristina, Anna and Jimena, pure vitality and our most experienced salespeople, will assist you like no one else!


Tascón Reus

Llovera 14, 43201 Reus, Tarragona
Telephone: +34930096718

Located in the historic heart of Reus, our first two-story store in this emblematic city of Tarragona is one of our most exciting projects. We have chosen Llovera street to settle, a street that is characterized by its rich architectural heritage with eclectic, noucentiste and modernist elements, highlighting emblematic buildings such as Casa Boule, Casa Tomàs Jordi and Casa Punyed. This unique environment is the perfect setting to present our careful collections of brands, from well-known brands such as Camper or Vagabond to exclusive designs such as Chie Mihara or United Nude.

When visiting our store, Ivette and Ariadna, always smiling and with great professionalism, will help you find the perfect pair. Here, fashion lovers will discover a wide range of shoes and styles for both men and women.

Llovera Street, with its vibrant commercial and cultural atmosphere, has established itself as the perfect place for our most recent opening. We look forward to welcoming you! We will wait for you!


Clarks Provincial Council

Calle Diputación 255, 08007 Barcelona
Telephone: +34936760704

Providing service since 1969, our most loyal customers have passed through our store on 255 Diputació Street and you will find the best vibes thanks to Carmen, Montse and Laura, pure joy and good service. Ah! TRUE! Let's not forget the product! The widest range of Clarks products from sneakers to ankle boots, for both women and men, in a large number of colors but always with a common factor: quality, comfort and, as a consequence, your maximum satisfaction. Are you going to meet them?


Clarks Gran de Gràcia

Calle Gran de Gracia 135, 08012 Barcelona
Telephone: +34935848565

In 1925, one of the first metro stations in the city of Barcelona was inaugurated. The Fontana metro that maintains many of the original details from 1925, such as its almost 20 meters depth, the peculiar exterior façade and the single access. The Clarks brand also has so much tradition, founded in 1825 by the brothers Cyrus and James Clark in Somerset, England, where it still has its headquarters. With this historic crossroads, it is here that Montse and Eva bring this charming little store to life stocked with the best Clarks selection. Now you know! accessible by subway, cross the street and with your new Clarks walk back the distance you want, your Clarks are perfect for that walk from the first moment.